Eyewitnesses of Narwal blasts recall the horror

         Aman Zutshi

Jammu: The survivors of Narwal blasts yesterday recalled their harrowing experience of the blast to the media.

   Survivors  Recalling horror of Narwal Blasts

Narrating his harrowing experience, Sohail Iqbal (35) a welding worker said, ” I was welding a sumo car when the explosion took place, I was unable to comprehend what was going around me. Everybody fell down after the blasts. After that the injured were rushed to the GMC hospital here”.

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“This first blast was huge and it shook everything in its ambit at Narwal. The explosion took place in yard no’7 and I have been working here from 12-13 years, there were many people and I think God saved us. I live at Ustad Mohalla”, Mr Sohail said.

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He further said that his owner survived the blast because of the carts and drums which shielded him from the impact of explosions.

“I didn’t know the time of the blasts because I was working in the workshop”, he added.

Another survivor of the blast said, “I was installing doors of a car, when the blast happened. The sound of the explosion was deafening and I was not able to hear anything for 10-15 minutes. I stood there in shock. All the people were running for their lives”.

“Both of my legs are wounded and I’m the only sole earner in my family. I have a mother and a sister”, he said.


At least nine people were injured after twin blasts happened at Narwal in Jammu on yesterday.

Nine people were injured in the first blast, which occurred at around 11 am and after ten minutes another blast took place.