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Supporters of Gupkar Agenda are supporters of Pakistan: Ravinder Raina

Bharatiya Janata Party, Jammu & Kashmir held its working committee meeting, which was held through semi virtual mode from party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.

Top National leaders like BJP National Vice-President & J&K Prabhari Avinash Rai Khanna, National General Secretaries Dr. Anil Jain, Murli Dhar Rao and Union MoS in PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh also addressed the meeting through Virtual (Digital) mode from their respective places.

J&K BJP President Ravinder Raina chaired the meeting from party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar and was accompanied by former State Presidents Dr. Nirmal Singh (former Dy. CM), Ashok Khajuria, Shamsher Singh Manhas (MP Rajya Sabha), Sat Sharma and former Dy. CM Kavinder Gupta.

BJP General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, party General Secretaries Sunil Sharma & Vibodh Gupta and other senior leaders of the party attended the meeting from party headquarter, while many senior leaders joined the meeting through Virtual (Digital) mode.

Ravinder Raina, in his Presidential address, welcomed all the party leaders into the meeting. Thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji led Union government for taking strong decision to abrogate the controversial Articles 370 & 35 (a), he said that the said Articles murdered the human rights of communities like Gujjar-Bakkarwals, SC, ST, OBC, Pahari, women of state, Valmikis, WPRs etc. and they including all other residents of J&K have robustly welcomed the abrogation of Articles. He said that Pakistan’s hue and cry in the UN on the issue proves that these Articles were furthering its Agenda in India. He said that when Congress along with certain others incorporated these Articles, even then it was opposed strongly by all the Nationalists. Now with the abrogation of these controversial Articles, J&K will progress on most modern lines, he stressed. He said that on the 1st Anniversary of 5th August “Tiranga” was hoisted in every corner of J&K. he also praised the party activists for their commendable job during Covid 19 Lockdown. He also attacked parties like NC, congress etc. saying that supporters of Gupkar Agenda are supporters of Pakistan and said that they are carrying on Anti National agenda, and are responsible for all the bloodshed in the region.

Avinash Rai Khanna in his address focused on the 100% extensive working of party leaders in every single booth of the region. He also talked of the reforms like direct transfer of funds to the beneficiaries and the representatives for the judicious use of funds. He also focused on the active working by the party workers to take the party’s work to the public as well also to frame the policy with which focus can be laid on the required development works.

Dr. Anil Jain said that BJP is the only party which has worked continuously for the public welfare during the Covid 19 Pandemic. He said that the senior BJP leaders right from party’s National President J. P. Nadda remained connected with ground workers including masses for the effective public working. He said that the dream of Nationalists to realize “Ek Nishan,Ek Vidhan, Ek Pradhan” has been realized under PM Modi ji and “Kalank” on Maa Bharti has been done away with. He stressed that BJP is an ideology based organization which is determined to give public centered government and due to BJP’s Nationalist strong and decisive policies masses both in India as well as in other Nations have developed self-esteem whilst calling them proud Indians.

Murli Dhar Rao said that the whole of India has a special emotional bond with the soil of J&K and every activity in this region is keenly observed by every Nationalist. He said that Pt. Nehru himself termed article 370 as “Temporary”, but still the Congress carried on with its anti-National agenda which suited evil designs of Pakistan. He said that with the abrogation of Article 370 we have opened up new gates of development. He said that still there are certain other issues like China, corruption etc. He said that now with the efforts of Modi ji, development is going on with unprecedented speed and talked about liberal financial packages. He said that earlier there was no social justice given to anyone in the state. He remarked that Kashmir is not complete without Kashmiri Pandits and added that BJP with support from all regions and all religions is striving to establish perfect ecosystem of true secularism in the region.

Dr. Jitendra Singh talked about various measures taken to counter the Covid 19 Pandemic efficiently in India with ample help to all the states for effective management. Speaking liberally on Atam Nirbhar Bharat, he said that one should not assume it as conflict with modernity or advancement. Local means that we have to strive hard and continuously to manufacture everything from Airplane to a small screw locally but not keep ourselves distant from “Scientific Advancements” going on in another part of the globe.

Ashok Kaul spoke on the organizational matters, discussing various subjects like e-Book, strengthening of organizational structure etc. and apprised everybody about the forthcoming programmes of the party.

Party spokesperson R.S. Pathania (Former MLA) presented the Political Resolution which focused on issues like Statehood, job creation, justice to all communities, political process in J&K etc. Resolution was seconded by sat Sharma who elaborated the resolution which was then passed after certain amendments.

Party Chief Spokesperson Adv, Sunil Sethi presented the Economic Resolution which focused on issues like economic reforms, corruption, new jobs, new projects industries etc. Shamsher Singh Manhas seconded the resolution giving details insight about the resolution. The resolution was then passed after discussions and amendments.

Party vice-President Dr. Narinder Singh elaborated on the issue of AtamNirbhar Bharat thoroughly, mentioning Vocal for Local, DBT, Jana Dhan Yojna, Mudra Yojna etc. for a vibrant India.

Proceedings of the meeting were conducted by party General Secretary Dr. D. K. Manyal.

Adv. Vibodh Gupta welcomed and felicitated all the dignitaries into the meeting.

Vande Mataram was recited by Dr. Pardeep Mahotra.

Minutes of last meeting were read by Tilak Raj Gupta.

Vote of thanks was delivered by party Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi and District President Vinay Gupta.

Sunil Sharma paid tributes to all those who lost their lives since last working committee meeting of the party.

Jaidev Rajwal shared details on e-Book of the party.

Rajnish Jain shared details on the Kamal Paigam- party magazine.

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