Jammu, November 21, 2022: In a tragic incident, a stray dog attacked Karthik Das, a three-month-old baby boy of labourers from Chattisgarh, on yesterday at Rehari Colony in Jammu.

As per the report, the incident happened when the stray dog tried to take away the baby in its mouth, who was sleeping outside a construction place where his mother left him, while she was working.

Mother of the deceased baby told media that she was working when a dog came  carried her baby in its mouth and ran away.

“I ran after the stray dog  and shooed it to  drop my infant and when it dropped my kid, I saw the canine left him wounded seriously. After rescuing my baby from dog’s mouth, we immediately admitted him to a local hospital, where the doctors put him in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and today at 6am in the morning they pronounced him dead.”, she said.

Aman Zutshi