Dr Farooq Abdullah is back to his style of politics, stated Brig Anil Gupta, Spokesperson Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), while commenting on his talk during a webinar held here on Sunday.
“Most of the statements made by Dr Farooq Abdullah were contradictory. Like other members of the Gupkar Gang in order to cover their own follies, he also resorted to liberal BJP bashing, but no amount of bashing will draw them closer to estranged Kashmiris who are in no mood to pardon him and his son for the miseries brought upon them due to their lust for power,” Brig Gupta said.
Firstly, contention that the state had a special status is totally false. The state enjoyed certain special provisions as enshrined in Articles 370 and 35A and to term it as special status is misrepresentation of the Constitution, he claimed.

Brig Gupta said that there is no doubt that J&K is Muslim-majority and the ruler of the princely state of Jammu & Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh decided to join secular India because he was convinced that it was the best option in the interest of his subjects. “Farooq’s father as leader of the only political party at that time was also keen to join India not for the reasons stated by Farooq but for selfish reason to eliminate competition to his leadership from more popular Muslim leaders of the region who favoured Pakistan,” Brig Gupta stated.
Sheikh Abdullah later began to use the Kashmiri identity as a bargaining chip to gain more autonomous power for him much to the annoyance of people of Jammu & Ladakh who favoured complete integration of the state with India.
“Since then Kashmiri leadership suffers from a misconception that only Kashmir is Jammu & Kashmir and they are its sole representatives which is evident from the statement of Farooq,” he said.
Brig Gupta said that Dr Farooq very conveniently tried to shift the onus of exodus of Kashmiri Pandits on the night of January 19, 1990 on then Governor, Jagmohan.
It was under the watch of Dr Farooq that the streets of Kashmir were reverberating with blood curdling shouts and shrieks, threatening Kashmiri Pandits to leave or face the dire consequences. Announcements were being made from the mosques presenting the KPs with three choices; convert, leave or perish.
Threatening slogans like ‘Kashmir mein agar rahnahai, Allah-ho-Akbar kahnahai’, ‘Kashirbanawon Pakistan’ and other slogans were being shouted when Farooq was the CM. His administration rather than assuring or protecting the Kashmiri Pandits chose to remain a silent spectator. Inaction quite often means collusion or collaboration, rued Brig Gupta.
“Kashmiri leaders like Dr Farooq and his ilk are fixated with a mind set of being the ruling class. They do not accept the fact of being equal citizens,” BJP Spokesperson said.
Their demand for restoration of status quo is not only regressive but against the national interest. “Status quo suits only a few families and not the majority. Majority wants to live for today and build a tomorrow,” asserted Brig Gupta.