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SSP Traffic Police Jammu, Shiv Kumar talks about traffic, gives instructions to the youth

SSP Traffic Police Jammu, Shiv Kumar in an interview with JK Media talked about the increasing traffic in the city and how it needs to be controlled. He also mentioned about parking lots and safety measures for the rash driving of the youth.

Q. Every year Darbar moves from Kashmir to Jammu in winters and approximately 2 lakh cars shift here. What measures do you take to control traffic?

In order to control traffic, people’s support is what we require the most. Whenever there are huge number of vehicles waiting at a point, our ground staff do a deep study as they are experienced enough about that area and rush there as soon as possible. They regulate the situation and do traffic diversion so that the people in hurry reach their respective places faster. Talking about Darbar move, vehicles have increased since car loan is easily available but the narrow roads of Jammu are same. We are taking some steps for the solution of parking problems. You’ll can see a new parking is under process in the Bus Stand area. Once it’s completed, roads of old city would be better, at least no care would be parked on the road. Another thing, the Bohri Talab Tillo area where people shop, park their cars on the main road, thus blocking the roads. We have appealed to JDA Development Authority to provide people parking slots.

Q. Busy routes like that of Janipur and Satwari experience a lot of traffic inspite of traffic lights. How do you control traffic there and how challenging is it?

Jammu-Pathankot traffic comes to Satwari chowk, Udhampur and Manda traffic meets at Amphalla then Akhnoor and Talab Tillo traffic meets at Janipur road. Few months ago, DSP and DTA Sir along with JMC held an encroachment drive by constituting a special team. The traffic has reduced a little bit now and I think its helpful. During the wedding season this year, everyone would have notice peaceful driving. It’s all because the Traffic Police team was alert and controlled the traffic at a higher level. We had requested everyone to drive properly and even circulated our phones numbers through media. Whenever, jam was seen, we would get a call and our ground staff was off to work. The roads which caused a little problem were Greater Kailash, Damana and the road of Best Price. Rest it was all ok.

Q. The youth can be seen in fast and rash driving. Any message for them or how you try to control them?

First of all, thanks to media. They’ve supported us a lot in handling the youth and their rash driving. We have already educated and informed the parents about how the youth drives. We have told them to take care of the safety measures adopted by their children like wearing helmets while driving 2-wheelers and wearing seat belts while driving 4-wheelers so that the airbags work quickly. They know now that if a traffic policeman stops their child it’s only for his/her safety. Without helmet, head injury chances are there and it’s so fatal that no proper treatment is available till now. Also, our ADGP Traffic had organised meetings for the staff and taught us about the new vehicles for our better knowledge. It’s a good step as we can pass on this knowledge.

Q. In places like Jewel, we can see ‘No Parking’ boards. How do you stop people from parking their vehicles on the roads and is a fine if Rs. 2000 really imposed?

People usually park their vehicles on the main and narrow roads like Jewel, Choti Market and even outside Hospitals which leads to a congested place. Therefore, we have places ‘No Parking’ boards on these roads so that whenever people argue about this, we can show them the board. And yes, fine is imposed. Many people have paid till now. See it’s always better to pay Rs. 10 or 20 to keep your vehicle safe instead of paying huge amount of Rs. 2000 and have a bad day. You can shop with a free mind.

Q. Traffic Road Safety week is going to be celebrated in some time. How will it be celebrated and what’s the benefit to people?

The main motive is to educate people how to drive on the roads. The person sitting in the vehicle has equal amount right on the road as the person walking on it. People need to slow down their cars or bikes near the Zebra Crossing. A comfortable walk for the senior citizens and other walkers is important. Rash driving and causing problems to others is a concern. Also, no honking boards have been put up outside Hospitals like GMC and Gandhi Nagar Hospital so that the patients and Doctors have their privacy.

Q. Any suggestions or message to the people?

People are advised to drive properly with senses especially the youth. We all are aware of the quote ‘Donate your blood but not on the roads’ which clearly tells how precious life is. The youth should make our Nation proud by doing some good deeds. Losing lives just to try some stunts is what we’ll be regret later. We all are so addicted to mobile phones that our day isn’t complete without using them. But one should talk on call while driving. If it’s urgent, better to stop, talk and then drive the vehicle.

Q. Festive season is here, Lohri and Makar Sankrati. Any suggestions for people?

Everyone should follow the SOPs as directed by the Government. Before also, people have followed the guidelines given by the District Police and we expect them to take care of themselves as well as their family members. Rest, we wish everyone a happy and safe festival season.

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media

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