The Jammu Development Authority and the Jammu Municipal Corporation will introduce new parking fees in the ongoing parking spaces in the city. JDA has announced giving monthly parking passes and increasing the fee for its semi-automatic parking at Super Bazar City Chowk.

JDA has issued an order to increase the fees for the semi-automatic parking at Super Bazar City Chowk. JDA appealed to the consumers who got monthly passes to apply online for getting new parking passes. JDA has fixed Rs 1000 per month for two-wheelers, Rs 7000 per month for SUVs, and Rs 45 per month for sedan cars for 12 hours only for daytime in this parking. Similarly, for day and night parking, i.e. for 24 hours, Rs 5000 for the sedan and Rs 8000 for SUV will be charged monthly.

Similarly, sedans will be charged Rs 50 for standing for four hours and Rs 20 per hour. Rs 70 will be charged for SUVs for four hours and Rs 20 after every two hours. On the other hand, a two-wheeler will have to pay Rs 10 for standing for four hours, while Rs 5 will have to be paid after every two hours. JDA has issued its orders, and they will be considered applicable from May 1. Similarly, new fees will be implemented at other parking places of JDA.

At the same time, the Jammu Municipal Corporation will issue new fees. The Jammu Municipal Corporation will charge Rs.10 for a car for half an hour and Rs.5 for a two-wheeler. People can park their vehicles online or on the spot by paying the prescribed fees for the parking places built under Smart City on the roadsides at various places in the city.

Mayor Chandra Mohan Gupta says that various parking lots have been made to avoid traffic jams in the city. Also, JMC will start renting bicycles on rent so that people can go from one place to another by renting a bicycle. Money can also be paid by scanning the code written on the cycle.

JDA Vice-Chairman Pankaj Magotra says that new parking charges are being started. However, not much has been changed in these. Park the vehicles only in the parking lot so that the problem like traffic jams in the city gets rid of.

Amish Mahajan