Jammu, December 07, 2022: A horrendous incident has occurred in which a Sikh girl’s hair was maliciously cut by another student yesterday at BSF School Paloura in Jammu, when the student was leaving the school to return home.

As per the report, the attack occurred when the victim who studies in seventh standard there was leaving the school, when a fellow student sneaked behind her at school’s gate and stealthily cut her one braid, due to bag’s weight the victim at first didn’t noticed that her braid was being cut behind her back.

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But when the perpetrator pulled her other braid to cut, the victim felt the pull and turned towards the attacker to catch him, but the perpetrator ran away by throwing victim’s chopped braid on her face. The victim Sikh girl student frowned and fall midway on the spot of incident when she was chasing her perpetrator. After the incident, some of her fellow students helped the victim to gain her senses.

Speaking to the media Mr Balwinder Singh (Vice-President DGPC Jammu) said that at 4pm yesterday he got a call that a Sikh girl student braid was cut off when she was leaving the school by fellow student near school’s entrance.

“She was leaving the school when the boy who might be her senior cut her hairs near the school entrance, at first the girl didn’t noticed that her braid was being cut behind her back because she was wearing a heavy bag as school kids usually do. But, when the perpetrator picked her other braid to cut, she felt the pull and confronted him. The boy panicked on seeing her and tried to ran away, the girl also chased him but fainted on the way. She was later resuscitated by some school students. On gaining her senses back, she informed her parents about the incident, who came to her and I joined them at the police station later cause I was in a function” he further said.

Mr Balwinder  added that the SHO sir has registered an FIR under section(295) against the  culprit, but the accused should also be booked under other relevant sections of the IPC because his act could flame communal tensions in Jammu and that should be avoided to maintain communal harmony.

“I told SHO sir to handle this issue carefully because this can fan communal flares in Jammu. He has assured me that he will deal it with care. I went along with SHO sir, SDPO and victim’s family to the school , we told them to check their CCTV footage cause the incident happened in the school’s compound. The culprit has been captured in the CCTV cutting the braid of the girl. The perpetrator’s bottle and bag is seen in the CCTV clip and the school administration has assured us that they will soon identify the culprit”, he said.

  Aman Zutshi