Jammu, 21 Sept: A 32-year-old woman was hit by a bullet allegedly fired from a gun by CRPF on yesterday’s evening.

As the report, Nirjala was drying her clothes in the veranda of her house in Kot Jagir, Nagrota, Jammu when a stray bullet hit her and went slighlty inside her head.

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Ms Neelam who is victim’s neighbour told the media that she saw Nirjala lying unconscious in the house when she reached there, after that when she checked her she found a bullet half stuck in her head, which she immediately removed to avoid further fatal damage.

Mr Nishu Kumar victim’s husband said that around 4:45pm in the evening he received a call from someone who informed him that his wife was hit by a stray bullet and she was taken to GMC, Bakshi Nagar for the treatment and on hearing that Mr Nishu took leave and rushed to the hospital to see her wounded wife.

“The Central Reserve Police officials has confirmed that it was their bullet which hit my wife and  they  told me that they will visit visiting us. They only gave rupees 800 for help and it’s a lie that they have given us 5000 rupees for the treatment, they should help us as they are responsible of my wife’s condition”, victim’s husband allegedly said.

While the victim herself has said she was drying clothes when a bullet hit her and after the treatment she is feeling dizzy. She also told the media that no CRPF personnel visited them after the incident.

Aman Zutshi