Samba, December 4, 2022: A truck lost its control and rammed into a house at Ranjni in Vijaypur, Samba (Jammu) on Sunday.

As per the report, In this incident the house owner and his kids who were studying in the room where the truck rammed into had a narrow escape.

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Mrs Byaso Devi eye witness of the incident told the media that the kids were studying in the house  and around 9am in the morning a speeding truck suddenly lost its control and hit their house. Adding she said, “My kids were screaming and after some minutes I came outside and saw the truck has shattered our house wall. The driver was blind I think and my kids have narrowly escaped death”.

Speaking to the media her husband said that the truck operator was driving his vehicle under the influence of drugs because at first the driver hit a pole on the road then losing his control further on the vehicle he rammed the truck into their house.

“It takes around twenty lakhs to build a house and govt should give us some compensation. The police came here and told us to compromise”, he added.

Mr Ashok Kumar a local resident informed that the media-person that high speed trucks passes through their road everyday and recently many accidents happened on the Rajni road. He further said that the administration should provide compensation to the victims because they are poor.

“These truckers should be provided another route to ply as they are a big menace here”, he said.

Aman Zutshi