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School students interact with SSP Jammu, learn how to join Police services

Students of Government School Gandhi Nagar today interacted with SSP Jammu, Sridhar Patil and other Policemen during a learning session in Gandhi Nagar Police Station today. The SSP briefed them about the working of Police Department and answered their queries about the joining.

While talking to them he said that first step to join any department is to decide which post you would be interested in. “Decide what post you like, you’re confident in playing which role. Listen to yourself, how this service would benefit the society and when you decide, start gathering information about that particular service and department; the entrance, the skills, the requirements, the examinations and other things. The third and the last step is to analyse yourself and find out the qualities which would help you. Find someone who could be your guide and help you.” He said.

Patil explained the students that Police’s work is not limited to arrest thieves and murderers. “You’ll would have heard about Police catching the culprits. But in real, a proper process of investigation is followed. Lot of people are involved. It’s a step by step work.”

Talking about the Police Station, he said “The first point of contact in any Police Station is this table (pointing towards a particular table). The policeman sitting here is to responsible for all the internal records of the Police Station which includes the posting and work of all the Policemen. Also, there is a register to keep the records of all the Senior officers who visited here.”

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media

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