Jammu, 16 August: Scores of anguished  members of SC/ST community held protest demonstration in Press club Jammu for a minor boy who belonged to the Dalit  community, who was allegedly beaten to death by a teacher in Surana village of Rajasthan.

“Today we hit the streets to bring notice of this matter to our honourable President so that she can ask the previous govts why they fail to implement the constitution in the spirit in which it was written for the marginalized people and yesterday people celebrated the 75th year of Independence, we also observed the same with great zeal. We gained freedom by overthrowing the British Raj but today we are not getting freedom from untouchability, we are facing discrimination and are being killed/punished on keeping moustaches, for riding horses and we are also facing the same in Jammu as 40-45 cases of caste discrimination were alone registered here  in recent two years, but nothing has been done regarding them”, one of the protestors said.

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Continuing he said that this country for 1000 yrs ran on caste system but in 1947 Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar wrote  the constitution to put an end to such system but it was not followed by the people in its truest form that’s why such atrocities are still happening against us.

He further said that we only want the culprit to be hanged in full public view so that India can be re-imagined as a golden sparrow.

“9-year-old boy beaten to death in Rajasthan by his teacher for drinking water from his pot and one month ago in Jammu’s Bisnah an SC man was badly beaten and we went to the local police station to register the case but till now nothing has done in the matter, then a similar incident happened in RS Pura which also went unnoticed”, another protestor said.

As per the police report, the incident took place on July 20 at a private school in Surana village of Rajasthan’s Jalore district, where the teacher allegedly beat up the minor for touching the pot of water in the school.

  Aman Zutshi