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Saunf – an effective home remedy for various health issues

Summer is almost here, the weather is changing and so our hydration needs.

Do you guys still find it boring to drink plain basic water? We are here for making you completely hydrated without hampering your taste.

Here’s a healthy substitute of plain water- fennel water. You must have definitely heard about the benefits of fennel water by your granny and mother. We are here to recall these benefits of fennel water that one might have forgotten. Fennel\ Saunf can offer multiple benefits for your health. It is an effective home remedy for various health issues.

Benefits of fennel water:

  1. Drinking fennel water will help in hydrating you.

  2. Can aid weight loss.

  3. It is rich in fibre.

  4. Fennel water can help in getting rid of flatulence.

  5. Fennel seeds are also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal in nature. It can boost digestion and reduce acidity

  6. It can help reduce acidity, gas and bloating.

  7. Relieve painful periods.

So, a lot of benefits. Need more? Here they are:

Increasing  fibre intake is considered to be beneficial for weight loss. Foods that are rich in fibre are filling in nature and keep you full for longer, thus reducing overall calorie intake.

Fibre helps in forming the bulk of stools and eases bowel movement. For those suffering from constipation, eating more fibre can be the ideal choice.

Ginger water, lemon water, carom seeds\ ajwain water, jeera\ cumin water and fennel\ saunf water acts as tonics and the power of these are unprecedented.One tbsp or 6 gms of fennels seeds can give you around 2 gms of fibre. Fibre-content of fennel seeds is probably why they are so popular for aiding better digestion.

Now thinking of how to try it?

Here’s a list of benefits fennel seeds can offer you and different ways to use these seeds:

Fennel water can be prepared by soaking fennel seeds in water overnight. You can prepare it by simply soaking 2 tbsp of fennel seeds in water, preferably overnight. Consume it the next day as it is or you can add lemon juice or rock salt to it for additional flavor. Sip on it first thing in the morning and also drink it throughout the day.

Fennel tea, another beverage for tea lowers, especially for those who are not able to consume it because of health issues. This healthy caffeine free beverage is a perfect substitute for tea and coffee, which are super rich in caffeine content.  And with its continuous consumption, you can bid a goodbye to your digestive issues too.

But still, if you want your chai, add fennel seeds to enhance its flavor accompanying health benefits.

Apart from having the benefits of fennel in liquid form, one can also chew on fennel seeds after meals – it is an age-old time-tested remedy for aiding digestion and often served in restaurants after meals. The reason for this is the amazing digestive properties of fennel seeds.

Have it in whatever form you like. Try to add it in your diet daily.

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