Salal Power Station achieves highest power generation

Salal Power Station achieved highest ever day’s generation since commissioning of the project yesterday by generating 17.016 MUs of power.
The record generation could be achieved owing to trash management, water availability/regulation, execution of annual maintenance of machines ahead of schedule resulting in continuous availability of machines for generation.
During the period of record generation, all parameters like stator current, all bearing temp (TGB, UGB, LGB), transformer parameters and vibrations were observed well within permissible limits.
Giving credit to the employees, Himanshu Shekhar, General Manager, Salal Power Station said that this is the team work which has yielded desired results as each and every employee of power station has contributed directly or indirectly by performing the tasks assigned to them for achieving the record generation.
However, Shekhar made a mention of power house and dam teams for their outstanding contributions for record generation.