Caught a person roaming under suspicious circumstances near the military cantonment located in the Chowki Chauhra area of ​​Akhnoor. When military officials questioned the suspect, he said that he was a Rohingya national but did not give his reason for coming there.

The army officers handed him over to the Akhnoor police for in-depth interrogation. SDPO Akhnoor Varun Jandiyal said that the suspect is posing as Rohingya, but no identity card has been found with him. Moreover, he is not cooperating in the interrogation. It seems from his words that his mental condition is not good.

Late last Saturday night, the people of Paya-Dagar village informed the army personnel that youth was roaming in the village. It doesn’t look local. People ask him why he is coming to the village, but he is not answering. On this information, army personnel came to the village and interrogated him. The suspect gave his name as Habeez-Ullah, son of Bashir resident of Myanmar.

During his search, a bag was found in which nine hundred rupees of Indian currency, three kg of rice, a plate, clothes, and soap were recovered. He could not give a satisfactory answer about what he had come to do in the area. Chowki Chauhra police were informed on the spot. The police personnel took him to the police station for questioning. At the same time, security was tightened in the Akhnoor area after the suspect was caught near the military camp.

Security forces have been instructed to remain alert in the camps of security agencies. It is worth mentioning that there has been an increase in terrorist incidents in Jammu in the last few days. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the arrested suspect must have come there to do the recce.

Amish Mahajan