Ashish Kohli

Jammu, December 20, 2022: In a bizarre incident, several armed robbers wielding baseball bat, knife and swords on yesterday attacked a man near Batra Hospital in Sidhra, Jammu and looted approximately Rupees 15,000  from him at knife point in his car.

According to the report, the assault took place when the victim stopped his vehicle near Batra hospital in Sidhra to urinate, when some armed thugs came in a car and halted their vehicle in front of victim’s car bearing registration number JK02CT8778 and approached him with weapons demanding money in ransom for his life.

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Mr Sahil Sharma, the victim, told the media that his brother sent him to buy stuff for their restaurant and he took his friends car and left and when he stopped his vehicle near Batra hospital to pee, some hooligans came in  a car and threatened him to gave them all the money he had to save his life.

“I was in my car when some men came  and demanded money from me, when I refused  one of them smashed my car window with his hand and held a knife on my neck and took all the money from me which my brother gave me to buy eatables for our bristo. I started my vehicle to flee, when they attacked my car with baseballs. Some of the masked thugs were wielding swords, who were chasing me”, the victim said.

He further said that he was chasing the perpetrators on Rangora village highway road and he has suspicion that the armed robbers could be from that village.

The armed robbers were seen fleeing in their car, when the incident was being reported and the victim was seen hinting the reporter that the vehicle belongs to the perpetrators who assaulted him.

The police has started an investigation regarding this matter.

Aman Zutshi