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Sounds unfamiliar? You might have never heard this terminology, but when looked for, this is something that most of us do daily. It’s just a psychological term given to the most developed habit of all of us. As we evolved, getting busy with the never sleeping world and are becoming more technologically active, we are getting less of day time for ourselves. To cover that missing ‘me time’, we end up staying late at night, actually doing nothing but scrolling through different social networking sites. Procrastinating is not only restricting to not doing your work, say assignments, homework, or some office work. But to not going to bed on time or when you are feeling sleepy, counts as sleep procrastinating.

What is bedtime revenge procrastination? 

It is a phenomenon in which people who don’t have much control over daytime life refuses to sleep early in order to regain some sense of freedom during late night hours .

‘Revenge Bedtime Procrastination’ might have been popularized in China , but the relevance is seen throughout in the world .People are sacrificing their bedtime to claim some personal time , even after knowing that it’s not good for them . This can have adverse effects on overall health of the people who are moving towards being insomniac.

Experts have long warned the insufficient sleep is an unheeded global public -health epidemic.

Those who are living in the biggest , technologically advanced cities ,suffers the most .The work practices ,due to being advanced , is affecting other sectors as well . The 2019 Phillips Global Sleep Survey, which received more than 11,000 responses from 12 countries, showed that 62 % of adults worldwide feel that they are not getting enough sleep, averaging 6.8 hours on a weeknight compared to a recommended amount of 8 hours sleep.  The mixing of personal and professional lines has blurred the other boundaries as well. People are sleep deprived and cried various reasons for this shortfall, like stress, environment they are sleeping in, and most of the weight age is given to hectic work or school schedule, as the reason for not getting enough sleep .People, now, for the sake of being more professional and to cope up with the competitive world, are working even more than before. The mind of almost all of us are working day and night, to survive in this world. And for that, they are sacrificing their personal time and to cover up that time, to give time to themselves, they are moving towards- Revenge bedtime procrastination.

Since, last year, many were blessed enough that they did not lose their jobs, but they started working from home, which, in the initial stage, was loved by all, but later on, people were getting sad, depressed and anxious about it as personal and professional lives were getting mixed. Extreme late working hours they were working for having no sense of time. Also, they were complaining that their bosses were calling them even during late night to get things done, which somehow increased frustration in the employees.

The reason why people choose to take out this me time at the expense of their sleep is definitely psychology. A growing body of evidence points to the importance of time away from work pressure, failure to detach can lead to stress and reduced well being. Recovery from such pressure can be done through sleep. However, sleep is affected by how well we detach from the worldly desires, to give our body what it requires.  Tough people might resent work squeezing their spare moments, but reducing sleep is probably not the best retaliation. Not sleeping well and giving enough time to it can cause adverse effects to both mental and physical health. The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life span will be.

HIYA ANEJA, Lifestyle Content Creator.

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