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Rain washes away tall claims of LG Admin on J&K’s readiness for Monsoon: Bhalla

A team of senior Congress leaders led by former Minister & Vice President PCC  Raman Bhalla Chief Spokesperson JKPCC Ravinder Sharma DCC President Yogesh Sawhney, Former Minister Manooar Lal Sharma and  took stock of prevailing situation arising out  of  heavy rains and the problems being faced by the people of these areas.

Speaking on the occasion, Bhalla expressed shock over collapse of strategic bridge at Dharap connecting more than 28 villages and also linking several roads upto RS Pura. He said the bridge was constructed in 2014 costing nearly 2 crores keeping in view the movement of BSF and CRPF to Shergarh .He said that on several occasions, it was brought into kind notice of concerned authorities that the land by the pillars skidding away with every rain and that there is an urgent need for crate and protection wall to save this bridge but nothing was done in this regard ant the callousness on part of Govt resulted in collapse of this bridge today affecting lacks of families besides fabricated structures of Gujjar community residing nearby and loss of cattle also which got washed away in heavy rain. Similarly due to no protection wall on Nallahas in Bhour Pind and Bhour Kothey, rain water enterd into residential houses causing serious loss to properties and other things. In addition to this cremation ground got fully submerged in rain water besidfes rain water extremely damaged school building here where a family uprooted from airport area lived damaged her valuable belongings making her weep bitterly before the former Minister.. In kalika colony, rain water due to no protection on Nallahas damaged several residential housesand also brought serious loss to property at Bahu Fort low lying areas. Same was the situation in Dilli area also where people suffered huge loss to property due to excessive rain.

 Expressing serious concern over the situation arising out of today’s rain   in various localities of Gandhi Nagar constituency,  Bhalla said that the government must take the plight of people seriously, in view of heavy losses suffered by the people of these areas. He alleged that the Govt. failed to take lessons from the Sep. 2014 rains and floods and did not undertake the required dredging of nallahas for free flow of water and construction, repairs and maintenance of embankments to minimize the loss and damage to the properties and people.

He said that the Congress party is very much concerned about the prevailing situation and the safety of the people.  He assured the people that party will leave no stone unturned in highlighting the problems of people and extending all sort of help to affected people of these areas.Urging upon the authorities Bhalla said that there is need for taking immediate measures for the safety of the people of these areas and demanded construction of embankments and dredging of the Nallahs passing through these localities in order to ensure free flow of water.  He said the government and the concerned agencies must be geared up for undertaking these measures on war footing. Bhalla demanded that loss of household goods and damage of houses of these areas be assessed immediately in order to provide them relief and compensation.

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