Before his Bharat Jodo Yatra enters Jammu and Kashmir, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi should apologise to the Nation, especially the people of Jammu & Kashmir, for the blunders and the sins committed by his family and party in the region over the last 70 years, BJP said.

J&K BJP President Ravinder Raina said that the Congress has been sympathetic to the parties who supported terrorism and asserted that it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has truly united the country, while the opposition party has done subversive activities only.
Ravinder Raina accompanied by former Dy. CM Kavinder Gupta, party Vice-President Chander Mohan Gupta, BJP NEM & Headquarter Incharge Priya Sethi and former MLA Balwant Mankotia was addressing Press Conference at BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.

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“Gandhi family and Congress have made historic blunders related to Jammu & Kashmir and are directly responsible for the eruption of terrorism which has consumed thousands of lives.

“Before entering J&K, Gandhi should apologize to the Nation, especially people of J&K, over the mistakes and sins of the party which it committed over the past 70 years, Raina told reporters.

He referred to the now-scrapped special status under Article 370, the Permit system, the exile of the last Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh hi and the ‘denying of the rights’ to various communities including refugees from Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Jammu-Kashmir, Valmiks, Gorkhas and Paharis.’

“The atrocities committed by the Gandhi led Congress family cannot be forgotten. There is a long list of how they humiliated and jailed the nationalists who campaigned against its wrong policies, he said.

He stressed that Gandhi should also answer why the nation was divided in 1947.
“Major parts of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh are under illegal occupation of Pakistan, why Aksai Chin is under illegal occupation of China. He should tell the people who are responsible for this.”

“They back-stabbed Bharat Mata. They were sympathetic to the parties who supported terrorism and arrested the nationalist among Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus, who tried to unfurl the national flag in Lal Chowk (Srinagar) during their rule, BJP leader said.

Rahul Gandhi must answer that why Sh. Shama Prasad Mukherjee Was arrested when he entered J&K with National Flag Tiranga and why Congress Party Govt let by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru arrested Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and later was murdered in Jail in Kashmir.
However, he said Prime minister Narendra Modi provided justice all the sections of society including women who were also being deprived of their rights.

The BJP also facilitated and strengthened grassroots level democracy in J&K by holding Panchayat elections and empowered institutions by implementing necessary amendments.
“Modi has truly united the country, while Congress has done otherwise, he said.