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Protest against installation of cattle grids at Mubarak Mandi, Jammu

The residents of Ward No. 1, 2 and 3 gathered at the Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex today to protest against the authorities for various actions that have caused inconvenience to the public.
The protesters maintaining social distancing gathered to object to the installation of cattle grids at the main entrance of the complex which have led to a lot of accidents of the pedestrians in the recent past. They also opposed the installation of the iron gates against the heritage maintenance. The residents argued that the authorities installed cattle grids overnight without prior intimation to the public. Many a people have suffered injuries and accidents as a result of it.
Former minister and PCC general secretary Yogesh Sawhney and Corporator of Ward No. 2, Jagdish Kumar extended his support to the protesters.
” We cannot change the original old structure and should only maintain the original depiction. The installed cattle grid has caused undue harassment in the form of accidents with the result that many passers-by have suffered as the smooth to and fro pass has been destroyed by installation of cattle grid, ” stated one of the protesters.
The work of erecting the iron gate was being conducted often late in evening, which was also objected, the concerned police post incharge Panjthirthi informed. “The authorities come and install iron gates late at night, and one night they come and installed cattle grids. Why can’t the authorities work during the day?” stated another one of the protesters to the media.
All those who gathered pointed out that main work for repair /maintenance requires to be taken up rather than wasting money for irrelevant work not at all required the cattle guard requires to be removed in public interest. The protesters demanded that the installation of iron gate should be stopped as it would change main heritage structure which is rightly objectionable.

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