Aam Aadmi Party leader and vice-president of Jammu province, Amit Kapoor on Thursday in a press conference here, hitting at the local Private schools said that some schools run by corporates are still operational despite winter break issued by local govt for educational institutes.

Speaking to the media Mr Amit Kapoor quoted a govt order dated back to18-03-2019 said that this order reads that the private schools should give back the hiked school fees which they have received from parents of school kids since from the year 2014 till now.


“There are some schools in Jammu, which belong to the local corporates who are still calling students to attend classes in such harsh winter and that even during winter vacations. I want to ask how they can refuse govt diktat and conducting classes in their schools, some of them are taking classes on school terraces in such cold”, he said.

He added that local private schools have nexus with some garment shops here  because the schools fixes rate of uniforms as per their wish and send the students to those selected stores with whom they have ties to earn profit.

“The LG administration should wake up from their slumber and must take action against these private schools. The  ‘J&K Fee Fixation Committee’ has fixed charges of school fees but private schools here are taking fees from parents as they want”, he said.


Aman Zutshi