Asserting that the mercury may rise to 47 degrees Celsius this summer, Jammu Municipal Corporation Commissioner Avny Lavasa appealed to the people to keep water bowls for stray animals to help them beat the heat.

Lavasa said the scorching heat takes a toll on humans and affects stray animals, cattle, and birds.

Every year, several animals and birds die of heatstroke, and one major reason behind their untimely death is a lack of access to drinking water.

“We can save these animals and birds from the plight of summer months by putting a bowl of water outside our homes at prominent places and offices,” the JMC commissioner said.

Lavasa further pointed out that lack of water induces aggressive behaviour in animals, and putting water bowls outside homes and offices can keep them in check.

She appealed to the people to let humanity prevail in these tough times by caring for these voiceless creatures.

The winter capital Jammu recorded the season’s hottest day on April 11 at 39.6 degrees Celsius, 7.5 notches above normal.