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Petrol price crosses Rs 100 per litre in THIS city; fuel stations close

The fuel prices in the country are sky-high and are in no mood to go down. Recently the Extra Premium Petrol crossed the mark of Rs. 100 in Bhopal. This is creating issues for older fuel stations. The older analogue fuel machines are designed to show two digits price and as the fuel price has reached three-digits the pumps are closing down.

Petrol pumps are closing down

Many petrol pumps in Bhopal do not have the latest digital fuel machines, and as a result, the three-digit price can not be displayed. Due to this, many petrol pumps have been closed as a precaution. Now petrol pump owners are in the process of updating the machine so that the fuel station stays open and available to customers.

What’s the situation in Delhi

The Petrol price in Delhi is Rs 88.73 per litre. Although the current price is far from the Rs 100 per litre figure, if the price hike continues, it will not take long for petrol to reach Rs 100. In order to avoid these issues, the petrol pump owners of the national capital have started preparations to deal with such situations.

Petrol prices have hiked only for 19 days in the month of January and February, but during this time petrol has become expensive by about Rs 5 per litre. The petrol price in Delhi was Rs 83.71, today it has reached Rs 88.73 per litre. Similarly, from January 1 to today, diesel has become costlier by Rs 5.19 per litre. The diesel was selling for Rs 73.87 per litre in Delhi on January 1 and today it is going for Rs 79.06.


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