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Petrol, diesel prices go up again after a day’s pause

State-run oil marketing companies raised the prices of petrol and diesel on Monday, a day after there was no hike in rates that were increased continuously for three weeks.

Auto fuel prices were not hiked on Sunday for the first time since June 7 when oil marketing companies resumed the daily revision of rates after 82 days.

In Delhi, petrol will now cost Rs 80.43 per litre after an increase by 0.05 paise and diesel remained costlier at Rs 80.53 for every litre after its rate was raised by 13 paise. On Saturday, petrol was priced at Rs 80.38 for every litre and diesel at Rs 80.40 per litre in Delhi.

The rate of diesel was at its peak on October 16, 2018, when its price had climbed to Rs 75.69 per litre in Delhi. The highest ever petrol price was on October 4, 2018, when it was sold Rs 84 a litre in Delhi.

Since June 7, when oil marketing companies resumed the daily revision, petrol and diesel prices have gone up by almost Rs 10 for every litre across the country.

However, the price of petrol was not raised on June 17.

The daily increase in fuel rates started on June 7 as oil companies resumed daily revision in prices in line with costs after ending an 82-day gap.

The freeze in rates this year was imposed in mid-March soon after the government raised excise duty on petrol and diesel to shore up additional finances.

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