Wednesday also started with a power cut in Jammu. Power cuts started in most areas of the city in the morning. Due to this, the water supply was also affected in the morning. There was no water in most of the localities.

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In most localities, people could not sleep through the night due to power cuts since night. Electricity was cut in many localities from 6 am onwards. In some localities of Nanak Nagar, the electricity stopped around 1 o’clock in the night came for a while around 5 am, but then it got switched off. Due to this, the water supply was also affected in the morning.

On the other hand, Trikuta Nagar Extension and Preet Nagar did not get water due to power failure in the morning for two consecutive days. As a result, there is an outcry in the area for water. When people were forced to go to other localities to fetch water, the money-lovers met their needs by getting water tankers delivered to their homes in the morning itself. Since morning, Chhani, Chauadi, Gangyal and Ratnu Chak also affected the power supply.

Apart from some old city areas, there has also been a three-hour cut in the morning in Talaba Tillo, Muthi, Barnai, Janipur, and Bhalwal. There has been a power cut in Jammu for close to 12 hours over the last week. The main reason for this is low production and an increase in consumption. As a result, people are forced to take to the streets. Gandhinagar used to have the least power cuts, but now this loop colony is also not untouched. The inverters of the houses have also stopped working.

Amish Mahajan