On Monday, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Taranjit Singh Tony said that people in the UT of J&K are fed-up with the misrule of the proxy government of the BJP as things are being carried on arbitrarily without considering the woes of the common people.

He spoke during an AAP rally organized by senior AAP leader Yashpal Kundal in Vijaypur. He said that AAP is the only party that can ensure justice for the people who have been hoodwinked by regional and national political parties, including BJP. Tony was accompanied by Parvinder Singh Happy, senior AAP leaders RK Goyal and Tanvir Hussain.

It is pertinent to mention that presently there is a wave of AAP party in J&K, and many senior leaders from different political parties have joined the party, and several others are pondering to decide in the coming days.

Later, Tony participated in another rally of AAP leader Raj Kapoor in Majalta block and led the same along with supporters up to Udhampur to finally merge with the final rally of senior AAP leader Balwant Singh Mankotia in Udhampur.

Addressing the rally in Udhampur, Tony said that people are fed with the anti-people policies of the BJP at the Centre and are also exhausted by BJP’s proxy government in J&K, which is directionless and doing experimentation day in day out on people. He said that AAP’s stand is clear that the statehood of J&K should be restored. He said that BJP had done the biggest sin by snatching away the state status from the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

Parvinder Singh Happy said that, like Punjab, the AAP party would show the door to BJP as it has crossed all the limits of exploiting the common person over the pointless issues of communal, regional, linguistic and other kinds of divisive agenda.

Raj Kumar Goel said that AAP is the last hope of people across J&K as it is treading to uphold everything inscribed in the Constitution of India, which was very carefully created by the spadework done by Baba Sahib Ambedkar, who was an apostle of peace and justice.