On Shab-e-Qadr, Power Development Department (PDD) was able to supply 1575 MW, and 170 LAC units of energy which is the highest load served to Kashmir valley on the occasion of Shab-e-qadar from 1800 hrs of 28th April 2022 to 0600 hrs of 29th April 2022.

This is 55 MW more peak achieved and about 7 Lac units of more energy supplied vis-a-vis last year’s Shab-e-Qadr. During the same time last year, 1520 MW peak load was served, and 163 Lac units of energy were supplied.

The maximum load served on 29th April 2021 for Jammu Division was 1001 MW which was increased to 1145 MW on 29th April 2022. At 5 PM on 29th April 2021, 752 MW was served in Jammu Division, which increased to 1054 MW this year, 302 MW more than last year. At 2 PM 29th April last year, 894 MW load was served, which was increased to 1065 MW this year for Jammu Division. Similarly, at 3 PM last year, 945 MW was served, which was enhanced to 1113 MW.

Sh. Nitishwar Kumar, Principal Secretary, PDD, said he is grateful to the Union Power Minister Sh. RK Singh for providing an additional 207 MW to Jammu & Kashmir, which will substantially add to the power availability of the Union Territory.

“We are trying to procure as much power as available at the energy exchange at whichever price. But, due to increased nationwide demand, we can avail limited power only. However, I am confident the situation will improve in the coming days, and we will be able to give better supply,” Sh. Nitishwar Kumar said.