Jammu, October 18, 2022: Some petrol pumps across the city in Jammu saw serpentine queues on Tuesday with a temporary fuel crisis apparently looming large due to a strike called by oil tanker operators over their inclusion in essential services which  according to them delays their supply when they travel to Kashmir from Jammu and vice-versa.

As per the report, Most petrol stations of Jammu have left only few hours of reserved petrol, diesel in their stations for the vehicle operators to fill their oil tanks.

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A vehicle operator told the media that he went to some petrol pumps in Jammu, who informed him that they have ran out of oil stock in their stations and asked him to go and re-fuel his vehicle from somewhere else.

We don’t want to create panic among the residents of Jammu. We are showing you this report to inform you that the oil tankers are on strike in Jammu & Kashmir and they have refused to supply the fuel here, the report said.

There are chances that soon the local administration will hear the grievances of protesting tankers and they may then stop their agitation, the media person said.

Aman Zutshi