Jammu, Dec 31: From yesterday, reportedly a notification about ‘New Qualifications For Sarpanch’ has been doing rounds on social media widely, which has confused many people of J&K UT regarding the authencity of this govt order, whether it is bonafide or not.

As per the report, A Government notification invoking ‘J&K Panchayati Raj Act, 1989 under Section 6, 2022’ has set this new qualifications to apply for a Sarpanch in J&K UT, which has been doing rounds on social media, leaving many locals in awe.

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Talking to the media, in a call, Mr Anil Sharma President All J&K Panchayat Conference informed that he has received hundreds of calls on phone from people since yesterday regarding the new credentials to qualify for a ‘Sarpanch’ and he is of the opinion that the govt should confirm that this order is fake or not for the public welfare.

This order is being circulated on social media , but we have no final confirmation on this from the local govt yet. It’s beneficial if well qualified persons elects for this post , but heads of village panchayats are supposed to look after the daily affairs of villages and they are not elected to frame laws for the people, it is the legislature and parliamentarians who make laws in assemblies’’, he said.

He further said that he is not saying that the govt should not amend laws to raise the qualification bar of ‘Panchayati Raj institutions or ‘Local Urban Bodies’, but it should be implemented for everyone.

‘’First, such orders should be proposed in our parliaments for the members, because if well educated people work in our assemblies, it will be very helpful for the masses. We welcome such orders from our administration but it should be implemented for other governmental institutions’’, he added.