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“Narendra Modi – Kisaan Virodhi” Congress protest against PM Modi in Jammu

Congress party members today protested against PM Narendra Modi outside BJP office, Jammu by ringing plates. While demanding justice for the farmers, they’ll shouted by raising a slogan ‘Narendra Modi – Kisaan Virodhi’. They said that the farmers are protesting since a really long time now and none is listening to them.

“Farmers are raising their voices since months for their legal demands but this deaf and blind Government (referring to BJP) isn’t even looking at them. Till now around 60 farmers have lost their lives due to the protests still it does not affect the Centre. All the members of Youth Congress are with the ‘Anna-datta’ (Food God) till they get what they want.” One of the protestors said.

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Talking about the upcoming festival of Lohri, they added “Lohri is the festival of Farmers. This year, during their biggest festival they are fighting for their lands while BjP is enjoying and celebrating Lohri. If they really love Mother India, they must listen to the farmers and if they think that Ambani and Adani will be able to occupy all Farmers’ lands then they need to rethink because this will never happen.”

It’s been months since Farmers are protesting against the 3 farms laws. Inspite of several meetings, no firm decision has been taken till now. However, the Supreme Court has stated that these laws wouldn’t be action until the final decision is made.

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media





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