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Nagar Kirtan taken out in Jammu City on Guru Gobind Singh ji’s prakash utsav

Anniversaries of Gurus as “Gurupurb” is an important feature of the Sikh way of life. Gurpurb is a compound word made up of “guru”, the spiritual teacher, and “purb”, that is “parva” or festival in Sanskrit. The Prakash Parv of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is one of the most important festivals on the Sikh calendar.

The only son of ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur and Mata Gujri, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born on Poh Sudi 7th, 23rd Poh 1723 Bikrami Samvat (believed to December 22, 1666) at Patna in Bihar.

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, the 10th guru of the Sikhs.

He was born in Patna and through the way he led his life, emerged as a great inspiration for people. He unflinchingly supported social equality and stood against tyrannies and disparities.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Guru Gobind Singh’s Jayanti falls in December or January every year. But the annual celebrations of the Guru’s birth anniversary take place as per the Nanakshahi calendar.

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Today, Nagar Kirtan was taken out from Gandhi Nagar Gurudwara, Jammu in respect of Guru Gobind Singh Ji where devotees showed respect to Guru Gobind Singh ji.

The procession started from various Gurudwaras across Jammu. Devotees cleaned roads and Gurudwaras. Bands were played and Palki of Guruji was taken out along with devotees singing ardaas and praying for wellness and peace for everyone. Parsada (holy food) was served.

One of the devotees said “Our Guru sacrificed everything for his community – His life, his father, everything he had. Today we are doing Nagar Kirtan for his remembrance to pay tribute to him.”

“We would be celebrating the Prakash Utsav for Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s birthday and that’s the reason why we are doing this Nagar Kirtan today. We want more and more people to know about Sikhism and the good values of our religion.” added another.

Small kids devoted themselves in the service of celebration. They helped in cleaning roads and spreading awareness about Punjabi language.

A kid devotee named Japleen Kaur said “Waheguru Ji Da Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Di Fateh. It’s been 12 years since I’m doing this service. Today, I’ve come doing ‘seva’ from Asia flyover.
My School teaches us Punjabi language and I feel it’s an important subject. Everyone should know this language and it should hold same importance as Hindi language.”

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media

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