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Modiji has taken a good initiative but opposition parties are instigating farmers: Hans Raj Hans

Hans Raj Hans, a renowned singer and a MP of BJP has visited Jammu for the campaigning of the DDC elections in J&K. He told that these elections are basic and most important for development. He also said that abolition of article 370 has helped refugees in getting equality.

He said “DDC elections will resume the development in J&K and I can see the excitement among people here. Refugees have got a lot of help from abrogation of article 370. A sweeper’s son would pass IAS exam still become a sweeper. That’s totally wrong. Sahab (Modiji) has taken a good step. Poor people will experience equality, now when those 2-4 families will not be able to make scams of crores. One Nation – One education should be the slogan now. Poor children should also get admission in Schools where the rich study.”

“Kashmir is a beautiful place. Even Switzerland feels secondary in front of it. No religion teaches to handover bombs and guns to children. What type of “Jannat” (heaven) is Kashmir when lots of people are killed here? Children should leave the path of violence and should study. I feel sad for all the mothers who see their sons die after all it’s a human being who is dying. For someone he’s a rival while for others he’s a martyr” he added.

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He thanked farmers and addressed them as “anndaata” (God of food). He believes that the PM has taken a good initiative for the farmers but the opposition parties are instigating the farmers.

“The opposition could not even pass a bill. They just did scams and now are provoking the farmers. It’s the 2nd time when Sahab has become the PM and since then no scam has been seen. He’s worried about farmers and masons that’s why he’s organising regular meetings. I pray for farmers that they return to their homes in these winters. I wish for everyone’s security. In foreign countries, everyone sleeps with shelter on his/her head. Difference in castes and criticism by opponents has sunk the ship in India.”

He told that the PM has taken India’s security to next level. Considering the 26/11 attack, he said that the opponents acted foolish at that time. They should have saluted the dead bodies of the victims instead clearly showed the difference between the victims and their own children.

“It’s Sahab (Modi Ji) who has set the bars of security and confidence. I’ve heard that the country in our neighbourhood is afraid and gets fits about strikes from India (laughs sarcastically). The people there are very sweet. I’ve been there several times. They usually talk about opening the borders because they’re dying of hunger. The separation of India-Pakistan should not have happened. It’s our “Rehnumas” (guides’) mistake to have raised the Kashmir topic. India needs people like Patel and Dr. Ambedkar. Sahab’s thinking is exactly same but people here are habitual of seeing one getting rich while the other becoming poorer. Nevertheless, things are getting stable day by day and very soon people will understand what Modi Ji is trying to do.”


The written transcript is by Muskan Langoo, content writer, JK Media



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