The Narendra Modi government at the Centre has succeeded in finding a permanent solution to problems such as the terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, left-wing extremism and drugs menace, and armed groups in the North East Union, Home Minister Amit Shah claimed.

Speaking at the inauguration of the 48th All India Police Science Congress AIPSC organized by the Bureau of Police Research and Development BPRD, he also stressed that Police should remain two steps ahead of criminals by becoming tech-savvy. In the last eight years, the Narendra Modi government almost settled the Kashmir issue and solved Naxalism and the problem of armed groups and drugs in the North East, the Union minister said.

Many armed groups have surrendered to join the mainstream. After Article 370 was abrogated, a new era of enthusiasm and development began in Kashmir Shah said that after Article 370, large-scale development is happening in Jammu and Kashmir.

This change was possible because the government worked on a strategy after intense discussions and analyzing the problems he added. In his speech, Shah also underlined the need to modernize the police force to strengthen internal security Police need to be tech-savvy to remain two steps ahead of criminals.

The two-day event is held at the Central Academy of Police Training CAPT. Every state has to adapt to the technologies used by other states and focus on modernizing the police force and training methods Shah further said Police in the entire country should work in tandem and coordination with each other, the Union home minister added.

Data is a new science, and big data has solutions to all the problems, Shah said, adding that police forces must keep this in mind. He claimed that under the Modi government, security agencies had gained the upper hand vis a vis terror groups.

Law and order are state subjects, which is why police work in the direction of elected governments in respective states. In such a situation, forming a uniform response becomes a major challenge. But, on the other hand, if the state police continue to function in isolation, he said it would not be possible to face all these challenges perfectly.

India is emerging as a major power globally as it has democracy, demographic dividend demand, decisiveness, and a leader capable of changing the country’s destiny, Shah said. In addition, the prime minister has announced a technology mission for Police in the country, and the home ministry has drawn up a roadmap for this, he said.

We will send it through BPRD to the state police to seek their suggestions, and through it, the entire police force in the country will be equipped with the same type of equipment and technology, Shah said. About four lakh police personnel were affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and 2712 of them lost their lives in the line of duty the Union minister noted condoling their deaths Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also spoke on occasion.

The conference’s main objective is to provide a common platform to representatives of various police forces, social scientists, forensic experts, and other stakeholders to deliberate on issues concerning Police, an official said.

About 100 participants from different states Union territories, Central Armed Police Force CAPF Central Police Organisation CPO prisons and correctional administration, as well as forensic science laboratories and various universities, are taking part in the conference, he added.