Jammu, 3 September, 2022: A  harrowing case of  medical negligence  has appeared in Jammu in which a 1.5-year-old kid lost his life in Shri Maharaja Gulab Singh Hospital (SMGS) Shalamar, Jammu.

According to the report, the case occurred when the child namely Soumanya Singh resident of  Satwari’s Chatha area got hospitalized on September 1 in SMGS when he became sick and reportedly was not cared properly by the hospital staff at the hospital which resulted in his death.

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“They have taken life of my kid, who was suffering from minor diarrhea. Why the doctors were unable to find his veins, why they injected him everywhere and What will I do now without my kid”, Mother of the deceased questioned.

A relative of the deceased said that the kid was only puking and had an upset stomach because of which they took him to SMGS hospital, Shalamar and after diagnosis Doctors labeled it as normal seasonal sickness and told that many kids are facing the similar complications and after that they gave some medicines and told them to go home.

She further said that at around 2 am, the situation again worsened due to which they again took him to the hospital for the check-up and when doctors again diagnosed the kid, they hospitalized him when the family members insisted that their kid needs a proper treatment.

“They admitted him and kept him on the bed with some other kids and injected some medicines and then his health further deteriorated, we asked the doctor on duty to call the senior doctors for help in critical situation”, She added.

She further added that after some senior doctor came to check the kid’s condition and whenever the family would enquire about his health, they would only say that they are checking and monitoring his pulse.

“After sometime they asked us to sign the form as the patient’s health was worsening and there was a need of blood transfusion, but when we enquired them if the case is beyond their league they can inform us, so that they can take shift the kid to some other hospital, but they told us everything is in control”, she said.

Moreover she said that in early hours of the morning, the doctor again came and told that their baby is no more and they should called for the baby’s father to do discharge formalities.

My sister told me that the kid’s lips turned blue and his pulse was also dropping, I immediately went to the hospital’s HOD who told me causally that such complications are normal occurrences and asked me to wait as the doctors are coming to treat the kid, but after half an hour a doctor came who conducted sonography of our  kid and I felt shocked as to why he is doing that. We demand a FIR against the HOD and the defaulter doctor who did not give timely treatment to our kid , another relative said.

Aman Zutshi