Man leaves kid alone at Market in Jammu

Jammu: A man has reportedly left his kid near Dudhadhari Temple at Gandhi Nagar  market in Jammu on yesterday’s afternoon.

As per report, the matter came to light when a kid was found abandoned by his father with eatables at the aforementioned place and found by local shopkeepers there.

“We saw this child alone here, left by his father. He is with us since noon. He has told us that  his father used to beat him”, a local woman shopkeeper said.

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She further said that the child has told them he lives in Jeevan Nagar here with his family.

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“A local who supplies egg in our market saw him first and I told him to leave the kid in my care. I have informed police and they have told me to wait till someone from toddler’s family shows up, otherwise they will see”, a relative of woman’s shopkeeper said.

“When we found this kid, he was scared. Sometimes he tells us he is from Nepal and on the other hand he says he lives here”, she said.

“How one can abandon their child, he looks innocent. The family members should come here to take him”, a local said.

Armaan, the abandoned kid, said that he is a resident of Nepal and lives in Jammu’s Gangyal area.

“We are from Nepal and at noon my father told me to stand here as he had some work, since then he has not returned to see me. We run a momo cart here”, Armaan said.