Man expresses anger against VIP movement in Jammu

Jammu: A man has alleged that the traffic police personnel deployed at Canal Road, Jammu on Sunday didn’t let pass his vehicle, when he was taking his ailing wife to a clinic.

As per report, the traffic police Jammu today closed entry of Canal road pulley for the vehicles keeping in view some  ‘VIP movement’ and construction there, which in turn angered a local who wanted to take his unwell wife to a nearby clinic there.

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“I was taking my wife to a local clinic for the check up, but the traffic personnel deployed here didn’t let my vehicle pass through the bridge because he said a convoy of a ‘VIP’ is about to pass,

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“He was letting other vehicle operators to pass from here but not me. I think we are poor that’s why he is not letting us drive through the bridge”, the man said.

“There is construction work going on near Science college and near canal road also that’s why we are directing people to change their routes”, a traffic police official said.

“We have put barricades here at this bridge of canal road because we have orders from our department to follow”, he added.

“What kind of construction work is going in the street, where I was taking my sick wife. The traffic police is lying”, Victim’s husband said.

“My sick wife is standing there and I laboured to took her to Dr Rajesh Gupta’s clinic at canal road for the check up”, he said.