A Bengaluru man, known to own expensive breeds of dogs, was recently offered ₹ 20 crore from a Hyderabad builder for his Caucasian Shepherd dog. Satish S, a dog breeder and the president of Indian Dog Breeders’ Association, however declined the offer as plans to keep his much-loved dog by himself.

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The Caucasian Shepherd is named “Cadaboms Hayder”. The rare dog is one-and-half-years-old and weighs over 100 kg. Mr Sathish describes the dog to be as huge as “a female lion”. He further said that the dog’s head measures around 38 inches and its shoulders measure 34 inches in length. “The foot of the dog is as big as a two-litre Pepsi bottle,” he said. The canine participated in a Trivandrum Kennel Club competition and won several accolades. The Caucasian Shepherd won 32 medals in total for the best dog breed. The dog stays with Mr Sathish at his residence. Cadaboms Hayder’s parents also stay in the same vicinity.

Caucasian Shepherd is a livestock guardian dog native to the countries of the Caucasus region, notably Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ossetia, Circassia, Turkey, Russia and Dagestan. The dog is extremely rare in India.