Jammu, December 20, 2022:  A man namely Makhan Lal Bhat resident of Jagti, Nagrota in Jammu, today has told the media that in the month of August this year, he lost his debit card in an ATM in Jammu and after which an unidentified cyber-scammer who stole it has withdrawn Rupees 5,65,000 so far from his bank account.

Speaking to the media, the victim, said that he went to an ATM in Jammu to withdraw money and his debit card fell there and a man who was present there at that time saw his card number and who stole all the money from his bank account.

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“My son works as a daily wager. I used to buy medicines with this money, now I borrow money from people to afford medicines for my ailing health. I will give sixty thousand rupees in cash as reward to that person, who will help us in nabbing the accused and recovering my money. I assure that the person’s identity will be kept secret, who will help me. The police has helped us, but the scammers is still absconding”, Mr Makhan Lal said.

Aman Zutshi