Man alleges traffic police asked to apologize or face fine, during VIP movement in Jammu

A man has alleged that he was asked to apologize or face action by an on-duty traffic personnel, when the convoy of the UT LG was crossing, yesterday in Jammu.

Talking to the media, the man, said, “The traffic police was not aware about the route of LG sir’s convoy , he crossed through the right route and the traffic police was diverting the vehicle riders on wrong lane”.

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“The Governor sir himself has witnessed that I wasn’t at fault there, but a traffic police officer came and told me to say sorry or pay challan as he was of the opinion that I caused inconvenience to the VIP movement of LG sir”, he said.

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“The police which was deployed on the spot also told the traffic officer to leave me as it was their fault, but he made my video and asked me to apologize in it”, he added.

“His colleagues told him to let me go, but he told them that he has to answer higher officials and kept on recording me”, the man alleged.