In a setback to the National Conference, its minority cell president MK Yogi on Friday resigned to protest against the party leadership’s alleged failure to recognise the work of ground activists in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Dozens of top leaders, including lawmakers, have left the party over various issues in the past six months.

“I am tendering my resignation from the post of president minority cell and the party’s basic membership,” Yogi told reporters here.

In a letter to the president and vice-president of the NC, Yogi charged the party’s leadership with pursuing their agenda instead of strengthening the party and its workers.

“Having served NC for the last 27 years, I painfully record my annoyance with its leadership for pursuing their agenda and not recognising the sincere work of ground workers”, he said.

Yogi said he gave his whole life to this party, but his work was not recognised. “Therefore, I am resigning from the party”, he said.

“While remaining in the party, I am unable to serve the people of my community, which has been the aim and purpose of my life”, he said.