Over 2000 cases of lumpy disease have been reported in Kashmir so far and over 60 percent of the affected animals have recovered.

Director Animal Husbandry Kashmir Purnima Mithal said that 2,112 cases of lumpy disease have been reported in Kashmir so far.

She said that department has already started vaccination process and around 65 percent of the affected cattle have already recovered.

According to her, about 89 cattle suffering from the disease have died so far in Kashmir and situation is very much under control.

On asking whether people can use milk of affected cows, Purnima said there is neither evidence of the transmission of the disease in humans nor it has any effect on milk. It is a viral disease and after boiling it, it can be used.

Lumpy Skin Disease is a viral skin disease transmitted by vectors affecting cattle and buffaloes only. This disease is not transmitted from animals to humans, she said.

It is a viral disease of cattle and buffalo spread through the bite of mosquitoes or parasites. The disease affects skin of the infected animal through creating large size lesion on body, she said.

On asking about whether the meat of affected animal can be consumed, she added that the consumption of animal’s meat or milk does not transmit the infection to humans.