Jammu, 8 September, 2022

Not all love marriages are fairy tales some ends in a tragic way even to the extent of ending one’s life.

A heart- wrenching case has appeared in which a man has committed suicide in Jammu.

Mr Snahil Saini (24), a photographer by profession committed suicide on 7th  of September by hanging himself  from a ceiling fan in his room in Rani Talab area of Digiana, Jammu.

According to the report, the man committed suicide following the mental harassment by his wife during the period of their marriage.

“My son told me that he is in love with a girl from another caste and wanted to marry her to which we agreed seeing his happiness, we arranged everything for their marriage, but see I lost my son. I only want justice for my son and nothing else”, deceased’s mother allegedly said.

His sister told that in October 2021 her brother told their family that he wanted  to marry a girl of his choice, initially there was little resistance from our family but after his continuous insistence they agreed. After the marriage both of them went for honeymoon, but when Snahil came back from the honeymoon he told us that his wife has hit and humiliated him during the trip.

“He used to do fulfill all her demands, he used to take her wife’s brother along for picnics and he even took his wife’s brother on their honeymoon”, she further said.

She further added that in the month of March Snahils wife went to Chandigarh with her brother. After return, she told Snahil that she wanted to go abroad, the deceased went to the bank and inquired about the legal formalities for applying loan to go abroad. But when she realized that he is unable to arrange money for this expense, she started showing her tantrums and then went on to pester him regularly.

“Neither she cared for Snahil nor for his parents and used to arrive late at night in the house from her work. One day they had a fight and then his wife called us and said that she wanted to go to police station to register an FIR against Snahil, we consoled her and asked her about the matter , but she said that she want to discipline him and  teach him a lesson”, she further added.

Moreover she said that yesterday, the deceased came home and asked his mother to give him food, but after some time he received a call, then he went up stairs and hung himself by the rope.

“She has really pestered him mentally due to which he took his life. He loved her a lot and used to fulfill all her fancies but look what she has done to him. We only demand justice for our brother”, she said.

Aman Zutshi