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Long Power shutdown in Jammu: Check complete list here



Power shutdown

Chief Engineer (Distribution), JPDCL Jammu has informed that the power supply to Kullian and its adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 14 from 8 am to 2 pm.

Similarly, the power supply to Batera, GREF, Sua No. 1, Gharkhal and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 14 from 9 am to 2 pm.

Likewise, the power supply to Partap Morh, Chathi, Galwada, Gajansoo, Ratanpur, Saharan, Lohri Chak, Suhagani and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 14 from 9 am to 2 pm.

Similarly, the power supply to Pargwal, ChanniTanna, Rajpura, Bhalwal Bharat, DhalwalMiulu, Hamipurkona, BSF, Batera, Dabbin, Chorpur, Manyal, Dharmkhu, TirthTalab, GREF, Gumpal, Sua No. 1, Garkhal and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 14 from 8 am to 2 pm.

Likewise, the power supply to Billawar, Mandi, Phinter, Parnalla and adjoining areas of Baggan shall remain affected on September 14 from 8 am to 2 pm.

Similarly, the power supply to DingaAmb, Katli and adjoining areas shall remain affected on September 14 from 7 am to 2 pm.

Meanwhile, Superintending Engineer (Distribution) JPDCL, O&M Circle Kathua has informed that the power supply Near Doordarshan and adjoining area shall remain affected on September 14 from 7 am to 12 noon.


Bus Accident in Poonch, 7 Injured 1 Critical





A road accident took place in the Poonch district of the Jammu division. In the Shahpur sector, a bus full of passengers went out of control and fell into a deep gorge. In which seven people have been injured, who have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.


On Tuesday evening, a private bus met with an accident in the Shahpur sector. Hearing the cries of the injured, the people of the area reached the spot. After informing the police, people started rescue work. So far, seven injured have been taken out of the bus and taken to the hospital. The condition of some of them is said to be serious.


Amish Mahajan

Content Writer

JK Media 

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Over 80.13 cr COVID-19 vaccine doses provided to states, UTs: Centre




More than 80.13 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses have been provided to states and union territories, out of which, more than 4.52 crore balance and unutilised doses are still available with them, informed the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Wednesday.
As per the information shared by the ministry, the Centre has provided 80,13,26,335 vaccine doses to the states and union territories so far (free of cost channel) through the direct state procurement category and 48 lakh doses are in the pipeline.

“4,52,07,660 balance and unutilised vaccine doses are still available with the states and union territories to be administered,” it stated.
“In the new phase of the universalisation of the Covid-19 vaccination drive, the Central government will procure and supply (free of cost) 75 per cent of the vaccines being produced by the vaccine manufacturers in the country to states and union territories,” it added.
The new phase of universalisation of COVID-19 vaccination commenced on June 21, 2021, to ramp up the speed of vaccination in the country.
Meanwhile, 82.65 crore COVID vaccine doses have been administered so far in the country under a nationwide vaccination drive.

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‘Not just Reliance, Jammu has lots of other issues like Bars and wine traders’: Arun Gupta on Jammu bandh




Arun Gupta

The call of ‘Jammu Bandh’ has been given for Wednesday, 22nd September. Arun Gupta, Chamber of Commerce President, had an exclusive interview with JK Media executive Ashish Kohli.

Talking about the call, he said that the holiday strike isn’t only subjected to the opening of Reliance Marts in Jammu, but it includes other matters like Wine traders issues, Bar traders issues, Banquet Hall gatherings and Mining issues in the city.

Q. After your Press Conference about Jammu Bandh last week, did the Government communicate with you?

First of all, I would like to thank each and everyone supporting us for the call. Traders from all over the region, be it Jammu, Poonch, Rajouri, Samba, Kathua, R.S Pura, and other surrounding areas, have shown great enthusiasm and support for this decision. Not to mention, Political Parties like BJP and Congress and members of the Civil Society has also demonstrated interest in the matters.

I feel happy that the people of Jammu think the issues raised by the Chamber of Commerce are accurate and the actual troubles for the traders.

Q. Sir, many people, support the opening of Reliance stores, saying it will generate employment and profits for customers. Your take on this?

See, our issues have been increasing day by day for the past seven months. Let’s take sand mining, Rs 1000 per trolley, which is now Rs. 4,000. Then came the matter of Wine Traders. I talked to LG Sir and requested to give the traders an extension of 2 years to stabilise themselves and start a new trade like every other trader in the neighbouring States. Right now, almost 10,000 families are suffering due to this decision.

Another issue is about the Bar traders who now have to apply for NOC every year, unlike before when they had to get it done just once for a lifetime. You see, sudden changes in rules can affect your businesses, financial conditions and many other things. A person invests his life savings in constructing infrastructure and is then forced to shut it down! How would he feel? Totally broken!

Talking about Banquet Halls, the gathering of 25 people has been extended to 50, which I suppose is still less. However, when Political functions happen, 500-1000 guests attend them. Does covid vanish at that time? No! I don’t understand why such discrimination?

Then comes the Reliance Stores issue. The government’s work is to settle down the people. Giving employment to 100-200 people while destroying 10,000 shopkeepers’ lives isn’t something I appreciate. I got calls from many small business people fearing financial losses.

I had a meeting with Divisional Commissioner yesterday. He said that the Government is thinking about the case and will take action. But when? They say don’t interfere in J&K UT’s problems. Why? 300 Parliament members visit Kashmir and none in Jammu. So this is a matter of concern.

Today I miss Wazir, Sir. He was like an umbrella holding everyone together. He was always ready to fight for Jammu. All I know is that these are Jammu based issues, and I guarantee no one will be against us for raising them.

Q. Mehbooba Mufti, in a press conference, said that this is a gift of the abolition of Article 370! What do you think?

Before abolition of articles 370 and 35A, more stress was given on issues of Kashmir. The domination was on the next level. Jammu was always ignored. We, the people of Jammu, thought this would get solved after these articles were abolished, but unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

The local Administration thinks Kashmir should be well taken care of to prove everything’s fine here on an international level. Jammu has sacrificed its status for the last 72 years. It has raised Tiranga and always stood for the Nation but isn’t getting what it deserves, and I think our honourable PM is unaware of these issues.

In 1988 Chamber fought for the Darbar move, and today again, it’s become an issue for many people. If the Government doesn’t find a quick solution, many problems will be created in the coming time.

Muskan Langoo, Content writer, JK Media

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Covid-19 Stats

22 Sep 2021, 12:04 PM (GMT)

Coronavirus Stats

33,531,498 Total Cases
445,801 Death Cases
32,783,741 Recovered Cases


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