JT Namgyal, Member of Parliament from Ladakh, said that he met Chushul village representatives and the locals there were working together with the Army and rendering their assistance amid border tensions with China.
“I met with Chushul village representatives yesterday and discussed our moral responsibility to assist the Indian army as citizens of the country. They are doing as much as they can by supplying water and other essential services,” Namgyal said.
“Locals are definitely concerned about the border situation and worried also about the future. But they are working together with the Indian Army. They will wholeheartedly support the Army in their capacity,” he added.
He said tourism is one of the most important revenue-generating activity in Ladakh.
“Due to this pandemic, we have not received any tourists this year. We are working to implement Standard operating procedures (SOPs) to combat the virus. Tourists can come here with their negative test reports,” he said.