Residents of Gursai and Harni tehsil of Mendhar are aggrieved over dilapidated Mendhar to Surankote road, which is in deep shambles since long time thus causing great inconvenience to the locals while the Govt seems to be in deep slumber.
The road stretch from Mendhar to Surankote and other adjoining areas is dotted with potholes, lack of proper drainage system and dust, which cause huge inconvenience to the commuters.
The 21 – Km long Mendhar- Surankote road has been in dilapidated condition since long but the successive Govts have shown a lackadaisical attitude to repair this road to facilitate vehicular movement. The road has developed ditches and pot holes at many places making the journey in vehicles treacherous and risky especially for patients and pregnant women. Due to pathetic condition of the road, students and employees face immense hardships to reach their respective destinations.
This road not only links Surankote and Mendhar towns but also provides connectivity to over 20,000 to 25,000 population existing in several villages and hamlets in Harni, Ari, Gursai and Phambra Nad area. Up to Jarhanwalli Gali from Mendhar, it is 21- kms and from there ahead up to Surankote. So bad is the condition of this road that even the Sumo/ Taxi or mini-bus operators hesitate to ply on this road. The public is worst affected. The vehicles take three times more time to cover a distance of 21 kms than the normal.
Several people of adjoining areas claimed that they had called on higher ups several times with a complaint but their requests met with deaf ears. According to Waseem Ahmeed, a villager from Gursai, the passenger vehicles too have suffered damages due to bad condition of the roads. “Our vehicles have suffered heavy damages due to dilapidated condition of the road,” a Sumo driver said.
People appealed to the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir to ensure immediate repair of this road and investigate the reasons of no blacktop on it till date.