Jammu, 24 August: Several local residents of Kathua’s Rajbagh area on Wednesday  while blocking the national highway in Kathua ,showed their resentment towards the over-loaded trucks which according to them cause accidents, drug-trafficking, illegal mining in Jammu.

A local Sarpanch allegedly  said that we came here today to show our resistance against the overloaded trucks which cause inconvenience to our people as these trucks use to carry over-loaded commodities and regarding the same SHO sir also assured us to submit a written complain in the police station and if such loaded vehicles continue to ply here in Jammu, then we have to  unwilling call the  traffic police personnel here to conduct a police check to get these truckers arrested.

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Another protesting local said, recently a 16yr old lost of his life due to an overload truck because these trucks use to overload their trucks and when they use to drive in wrong directions thus in order to take a turn their vehicle use to overturn which causes road accidents.

“These truckers also use to consume/supply drugs here and also use to be hire by the  companies  for  illegal mining here, which again aggravates the problem of local people as these outsiders use to get all the contract winnowing out the local people of Jammu. These overload tippers use to carry tons of commodities whose weight is forming cracks in our roads”. he further said.

We only appeal to the local administration to restrict entry of these truckers in Jammu so that the local people can avail  majority of the contracts for themselves.

Aman Zutshi