The liquor mafias are looting people in Jammu these days. This is because liquor shops have started opening under the new excise policy, but not all shops have opened yet. So there is a rush to buy liquor in the open shops, of which the liquor mafia takes advantage.

The Excise Department has fixed the maximum selling price of different liquor brands under the new policy, but they are not being followed anywhere. These shopkeepers are charging arbitrary prices, and the surprising thing is that the Excise Department is not taking any action on this.

The business of liquor and those who consume it are not looked at well, but this buyer is also a consumer, and it is also the responsibility of the administration to protect their rights. Under the law, the sale cannot be made at a price higher than the maximum selling price, but this law is being openly flouted at liquor shops. Apart from the Excise Department, the Legal Metrology Department also has the responsibility of implementing the MRP, but it is waiting for a formal complaint from the department.

At present, 10 to 15 rupees more are being charged on 150 ml bottles of branded liquor at most of the shops in the city. Similarly, 20 to 30 rupees more is being recovered on 750 ml bottle, but no one is asking. According to Excise Department Commissioner KK Chib, no such complaint came to him.

If so, the departmental team will go to the spot and investigate. On the other hand, the Joint Controller of the Legal Metrology Department, Manoj Prabhakar, is also waiting to receive the complaint. According to Prabhakar, if anyone is selling at a price higher than the MRP, legal action will be taken against him.

Amish Mahajan