Lakhs of people to be homeless in J&K by month’s end

The number of people who will be homeless in J&K is predicted to be in thousands or lakhs if new issued Roshini scheme implemented strictly on the ground in  J&K.

Speaking to the media, a protestor from AAP Jammu said, “the local govt overnight issues anti-people diktats, the lands of poor people will be snatched and they will be forced to live on roads and we stand against this”.

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“The local govt is adamant on destroying people’s properties and where will those masses go who have land in sq meters. The Roshini act is anti-people. Our constitution guarantees right to live and nobody can take away that”, she said.

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“Just few days ago this act came and we are protesting against it. The local regime only targets downtrodden”, she remarked.

“So many leaders of the local govt has residences on water bodies, they should be vacated first and it is sheer hypocrisy”, she added.