Jammu, 20 August: Chinese Manjha (glass-coated kite string) is emerging as a nuisance for the people of Jammu as many cases has appeared regarding the same. The glass coated strings appear to spread like a death trap across the city. The amusement activity for the children has become deadly for the locals.

Yesterday, a resident of Bari Brahmana namely Mr lucky became its latest victim when he  was heading on his motorcycle towards Jammu, but fortunately only his shirt got torn as he got tangled in kite string, he immediately removed the string  as soon as it tightened around his shoulders leading to piercing his shirt and not his throat.

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“I was going on my bike when I felt something around my neck, at first I didn’t realized what it is but as soon as it gets tighten around my neck it struck to me that  it is that killer Chinese manjha then I stopped my bike near the highway and untangled myself. It made a cut around my shoulder and it was reaching towards my neck but I averted the tragedy”. the victim said.

He further questioned how these banned strings are still available in the  markets  as the sale/purchase of these is restricted by the govt.

He further appealed that the Manjha should be totally banned and the local administration must enforce its ban more strictly so that lives of local people can be saved.

Aman Zutshi