These days, the entire Jammu city faces electricity and water problems. There is no water in the houses of the people for three days. But even more, trouble is in the colonies of displaced Kashmiri Hindus, where there is neither electricity nor drinking water for the people.

There are 4226 flats of displaced Kashmiri Hindus in Jagati Township, in which 20 thousand people live, but these days there is a bad condition of water here. Displaced people go out of the colony to get water and bring water. There is a power cut for 15 hours, while the water comes only once a week. In such a situation, the lives of the displaced people have become more in danger. One, the fans are not running due to no electricity, then there is no drinking water available.

Shadi Lal Pandita, who keeps raising her voice from time to time on the local people’s problems, said that at this time in Jagti Colony, there is a panic among the people regarding electricity and water. Even drinking water is not available. It is a colony of displaced Kashmiri Hindus where thousands of people live. But the administration could not provide water.

Water tankers are also not coming. Shadi Lal Pandita said that people are living in three-storey buildings. In the outer areas, buckets are filled and taken to their homes. It is the responsibility of the administration to take care of the displaced people. Water should be made available to these people through tankers.

There the power cut should be reduced. If water is not available, displaced Kashmiri Hindus will be forced to take to the streets to protest. He said that the government should make the drinking water supply normal.

Amish Mahajan