Farmers of Kandi belt on Thursday anguished over callous attitude of Jammu Kashmir Agriculture Department, alleging the department has failed to provide pesticide on time to the farmers of Kandi belt.

“Since Last two month, nobody from the Department of Agriculture to provide us pesticide as everyone know this time is vital for agriculture production but department least bothered about it, alleged a farmer.

However, Heavy showers as a blessing for the farming community of Kandi belt as vegetables need regular water supply during the season. Rainfall is must for our farm. We all are happy. Hope the problem of water shortage will also come to an end with heavy rainfall,” said a local farmer while talking to JK Newspoint team.

 He added due to high temperature and decrease of water level in Kandi belt, we fear to damage of our vegetables and others crops but after this rainfall we are hope for better production.

The farmer also alleged, “due to weekly lockdown we are suffering to reach mandi for sale of our vegetables, adding they are harassed by the police personnel during lockdown. They urged the government to get them relief from this weekly lockdown so that’s they timely supply their vegetables.